....Eloquent performance and seasoned songwriting resonates wildly throughout, shining deep into the heart of life.

+  +  +  +



"Autumn followed up her notable 2006 release, Sugarcane, by remembering the first lesson of a sophomore release: Give the audience plenty of what it came for the first time. Autumn's warm voice wraps "Lessons Never Learned" and "Trains I Missed" in the blanket of folky Americana. The Walt Wilkins-Tim Lorsch produced Velvet Sky posits Autumn alongside Wendy Colonna among the strongest of Austin's new songwriters."

- Austin Chronicle

"The new set from Austin-based singing, piano-playing songwriter Autumn Boukadakis might not feature the breathy vocals of todayʼs country radio divas, or the frilly, shallow lyrics, but she has something the radio chicks donʼt have: Raw talent and a strong sense of musical artistry."

- Times Record News

"Autumn's appealing, quietly emotional voice can be as strong and smooth as the velvet sky in the title song, confident and bluesy enough that it could belong to a gospel soloist."

- Buddy Magazine

"It is one of those rich mosaics of music that seems to develop new levels with every listening. A true gem that has been shaped for our pleasure, enjoy this it is one of the finest to come along in quite awhile."

- Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

"...as a piano-based composer recording in Nashville there's more weight to her arrangements, and gospel vocal inflections steer this to a soulful realm. That soulfulness is reinforced by lyrics that form an inner-monolog of human isolation, spiritual faith and sought-after redemption."

- Hyperbolium (Top 50 Reviewer on Amazon.com)

"...Velvet Sky is proof positive that she's well on her way to stardom."

- The Daily News

"Autumn shows her versatility both as a singer and a songwriter and her ability to reveal true emotions with her music. "

- Texas Music Magazine

"Autumn should be nominated in the Best New Artist category, for a Country Music Award. That is our view for what it is worth. If you appreciate, well-crafted songs and you want to be the first person on your block or in your social group to say that you own a CD, by the next big star in, whether you want to call it Country or Americana music then you should already be planning to purchase Velvet Sky."

- Riveting Riffs Magazines

"She can make a song her own, even getting away with a classic like Patty Griffin's Nobody's Cryin'."

- Here Comes The Flood

"If the songs contained on Velvet Sky are any indication, Autumn has beaten the sophomore slump... ...If you haven't discovered Autumn yet, there's still hope... A+"

- - InSite Magazine

"Velvet Sky is a masterful album that explores the still waters of Autumn's musical vision. And oh those waters run deep. Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)"

- Wildyʼs World

"Take some confessional 70's singer/songwriter vibe, filter it through 90's angst and leaven it with some contemporary Texas songwriting sisters and you get a voice for contemporary college girls that are more into reality than reality shows..."

- Midwest Record Recap

"Her songwriting style on this album is more advanced than most of the artists that I have heard come out of the singer/songwriter genre as of late… …if you like lyrics that are put together in the perfect, relatable ways then you will love Autumn Boukadakis."



+  +  +  +

Autumn's sophomore album, "Velvet Sky" is a love letter to the moments in life that enliven our spirits, stir our dreams, and touch our souls.  Marking a significant artistic stride, Autumn's eloquent performance and seasoned songwriting resonates wildly throughout, shining deep into the heart of
life.  Influenced by a mosaic of sounds, "Velvet Sky" is a medley of gospel-inspired balladry and Texas folk/americana, masterfully fused together with Autumn's unique style and sensibility. 

Teaming up once again with producers Walt Wilkins and Tim Lorsch (Sugarcane, 2006), "Velvet Sky" combines uncluttered instrumentation with potent, expressive vocals, creating a sparse yet resounding musical experience.  Along with seven new originals including "Rain Down", "Trees", and "Higher", Autumn enlists Walt Wilkins's songwriting dexterity, performing his tracks "Velvet Sky", "Lessons Never Learned", "Trains I Missed" and the Wilkins and Liz Rose collaboration, "We Made the Spirits Move".  A galvanizing version of Patty Griffin's "Nobody's Crying" compliments the
vulnerable cadence of four other Autumn originals, "Sunny", "Cowgirl Confessions", "Eagles", and "Paint". 

Serving as the female sidekick for the #1 rated "JB and Sandy Morning Show" on Mix 94.7 KAMX Austin, Autumn's listening fan-base quickly bloomed throughout Texas with the release of her first album"Sugarcane". 

The Oklahoma native first took piano lessons at age 7, her repertoire soon expanding to voice, drums, flute, and guitar.  With scholarship offers from across the country, Autumn chose the prestigious music program at the University of Texas in Austin, graduating in 2004 with a degree in
Classical Piano.  She attests that it was during these formative college years, she discovered and honed a talent and desire for songwriting. 

'Velvet Sky' was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at the Dog Den, engineered and mixed by Bill McDermott.  Also recorded in Austin, Texas at Jumping Dog, engineered by Rob Flynt, with a live recording of piano/vocal on "Paint" at The Zone in Austin, Texas.  In addition to Autumn on vocals and specific piano and organ tracks, she is joined by Sam Baker, Tina Mitchell Wilkins, Ryan Turner, Walt Wilkins, Josh and Christy Grider, Tim Lorsch, and renowned Texas hippietonkers, The Mystiqueros.